Bali’s new project continues on the pop-punk tangent set by “Backseat.”

Bali Baby has shared her new project Baylor Swift. The 8-track project is produced primarily by Chicken, and like pre-release single “Backseat,” it takes the rapper on a pop-punk-influenced detour. Mixing sugary Josie & The Pussycats hooks with synthy, 8-bit-influenced production, Bali pushes her sound forward while still maintaining the charisma of her catchy, confrontational rap tracks (“WWW” picks up right where she left off). It’s one of two projects Bali has released in 2018. Bali Blanco, released last month, found her experimenting with slower, dreamier tracks that put her closer to the SoundCloud rap of the moment. In other words, Bali can do it all.

As she continues to try on new styles, Bali has continued to put out some of the most inventive music videos in rap. Watch her new clip for “WWW” below and if you have time, click through her back catalogue on YouTube (“Iggady,” “Banana Clip,” “Pretty”). It’s well worth your time.

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